Department of Psychology at Arizona State University

Welcome to the Healthy Experiences Across Relationships and Transitions lab!

The mission of the @HEART lab is to help adolescent teens and young adults develop and maintain healthy relationships with the people around them, including parents, friends, teachers, and even romantic partners!

Adolescence and early adulthood are stages of life in which it can be challenging to navigate relationships. Teens and young adults become more independent as they start to develop their friendships and romantic relationships. Relationships with parents may also change during this period of development as they grow more autonomous. Our research aims to understand the rewarding experiences that people have within these different relationships, as well as how we can promote healthy and effective strategies to support adolescents through negative relationship experiences.

We hope to create a positive lifelong impact on health and wellbeing, academic success, and adjustment to future changes in life by helping teens and young adults to identify, form, and maintain healthy relationships.