Thao Ha, Ph.D.

Lab director and principal investigator

Dr. Ha is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at Arizona State University. Her research investigates the reciprocal processes that link relationship experiences to emotional and behavioral adjustment within adolescence and early adulthood. Using surveys and laboratory studies, Dr. Ha aims to better understand risk and resilience among youth within their social relationships, which will inform prevention strategies to promote healthy relationships and transitions.

A variety of methods are combined in Dr. Ha’s research, including observations of adolescent couples’ interactions, high-density array EEG neurocognitive assessments, ecological momentary assessments, and physical and hormonal stress methodologies. Dr. Ha’s work has been funded by the National Institute of Health (NIH), the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (equivalent to NIH), and internal grants from Arizona State University.

Dr. Ha obtained her PhD in Developmental Psychopathology at Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands in 2013. She completed two masters’ degrees in Developmental Psychology and Developmental Psychopathology (cum laude). Dr. Ha completed postdoctoral and assistant research professor positions in the T. Denny Sanford School of Social and Family Dynamics, the Institute for Interdisciplinary Salivary Bioscience Research (IISBR), and Department of Psychology at Arizona State University.

Please find Dr. Ha’s CV here.

Dr. Ha is accepting graduate students for Fall 2019. Apply here!





Jasmine received her B.S. in Psychological Sciences from Arizona State University in May 2016. As a former research assistant, Jasmine continues to contribute to the lab’s research as laboratory coordinator. She manages all ongoing research projects and assists with the experimental design of new research. Additionally, Jasmine assists with coordinating data collection, performing data analysis, and recruitment of both lab staff and research participants. She has helped design dyadic electroencephalogram (EEG) paradigms, track longitudinal studies, and manage laboratory personnel.


Ryan Hampton

EEG coordinator

Ryan is a PhD student in Social Psychology. Ryan's research examines culture from psychological, anthropological, and neuroscientific perspectives. He studies how perceptions of time differ across culture and both what precedes these differences as well as their manifestations in daily life. He also studies the neural underpinnings of cultural differences in emotion regulation, self-enhancement, and basic analytical processing. He is also interested in statistical approaches to comparing cross-cultural data using multi-level modeling and fMRI data analysis using complex network analysis.


Luis Lopez

TIes Spanish coordinator

Luis Lopez graduated with a Bachelors in Psychology (Biological Sciences) and minor in Family and Human Development from Arizona State University (ASU). Luis is pursuing a Master's in Psychology with an emphasis in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. He is interested in doing research that aims to investigate new strategies to help advance Latinos in the workplace. Luis is currently a Research Lab Assistant at ASU in the Healthy Experiences Across Relationships and Transition (@HEART) Lab where he contributes his bilingual skills (Spanish/English) to the Tucson Interpersonal and Educational Success study (TIES).


Emily Lowell 

WINURE scholar

Emily is working toward an undergraduate degree in psychology and minor in biological sciences. She plans to go on to a PhD program in Psychology in the future and create new assessments for relationship elements such as stress or happiness. She is also interested in discovering more ways to quantify and understand the emotion called 'love' from neurological, developmental, and social perspectives. While finishing her undergraduate degree, she is currently working as a supervisor at the Relationship Dynamics Lab. 



EEG LAB Manager

Ciera graduated from Barrett, The Honors College at ASU with her B.S. in Psychology in 2017. Ciera is interested in investigating the underlying mechanisms of psychopathology, as well as evidence-based interventions that help mitigate the symptoms of these disorders. Ciera has extensive experience in cognitive neuroscience research, and has served as an EEG Lab Specialist on a variety of projects.  Ciera hopes to attend a Clinical Psychology PhD program in the near future where she can apply her research experience to help better the lives of those suffering from mental illness. 




Sujay Trivedi is currently pursing his Master's in Software Engineering at Arizona State University and will be graduating in Fall '18. He is designing and building a web-application to support the research going on in @HEART Lab. This involves encoding various interactive games that might be used as sort of a primary intervention in stressful situations. Sujay is passionate about using programming to develop solutions to real world problems and aims to continue doing that in his professional career.


Erika Flores

Supervising Research assistant and Assistant Coordinator

Erika is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University. She is majoring in Health Sciences (Pre-professional), Biological Sciences (Genetics, Cells, and Developmental Biology) and Psychology and will graduate in May of 2019. She plans to attend medical school and hopes to serve those who are underprivileged. She’s currently a research assistant in a variety of labs, including the @Heart lab, and she will contribute her Spanish-speaking skills for the TIES Study. Her research interests include the learning and coping skills of those who are underrepresented and disadvantaged.



Gregory is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Family and Human Development. He aspires to obtain either a PhD in Clinical Psychology or a JD/PhD combination in Law and Psychology. Gregory is interested in adolescent substance use/abuse and how it affects romantic and family relationships. He plans on developing intervention programs to be implemented into juvenile courts that teach incarcerated adolescents to cope with stress, regulate healthily, and develop positive relationships with family and friends.




Myrna Abdel-Aziz is currently pursuing a Bachelor's of Art in Psychology with a minor in Family and Human Development. Myrna plans to finish her undergrad a semester early and begin pursuing graduate programs within the field of Clinical and Counseling Psychology in hopes of becoming a Clinical Psychologist. Beyond her work in the HEART Lab, she is also an LIA Facilitator who leads and instructs first year students within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and a member of PSI CHI. Her research interests cover a broad spectrum of psychology, primarily focusing on severe psycopathologies and working with adolescents and adults. 


Jayla Dennis

Jayla is currently a junior at Arizona State University, majoring in Psychology. Her research interests include adolescents, interpersonal relationships, and family relationships. In the next few years she plans on receiving her master’s degree in counseling and eventually open up her own mental health private practice.


Mindy Quiroz

Mindy Quiroz is pursuing her BS in Psychology (Psychological sciences) from Arizona State University and is expecting to graduate in December 2019. She is interested in addictive behaviors, cognitive and behavioral neuroscience, and sociocultural issues within minority groups. She plans to further her education by obtaining a masters degree in cognitive neuroscience. Coming from a family of immigrants, she plans to work with minorities to bridge the gap between this population and mental health services.   


Miranda Mckenzie

Miranda McKenzie is currently a senior at Arizona State University majoring in Global Health and Psychology and minoring in Sustainability. Miranda intends to travel for at least a year following graduation to get a better understanding of the world and the people living in it. Following her travels, she will pursue a Masters in Clinical Psychology with the hopes of starting her own practice. Having many interests, Miranda is open to all types of research and hopes to broaden her horizons.  



Jasmine is currently working on receiving her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology at Arizona State University. Upon graduating,  Jasmine plans to attend graduate school where she will work towards receiving a Master of Social Work degree to eventually become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. In the future, Jasmine hopes to provide therapy and support to adults and adolescents, specifically those in disadvantaged populations. In addition to her future aspirations,  Jasmine is also interested in researching the effect of mental illness on familial dynamics and relationships.


Alexis Cooper

Alexis is a senior at Arizona State University. She is currently working toward two undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Family and Human Development. After graduation, she will be pursuing a nursing degree, after which she would like to go to graduate school for psychiatric-mental health nursing. Alexis is specifically interested in adolescent development and mental health research.


Marcus Harris

Marcus is majoring in Psychology and Minoring in Women and Gender Studies. He is currently working on an individual project with the Principal Investigator, Dr. Thao Ha, on coming up with a coding protocol comparing the written tasks and video tasks from dyadic romantic couples His research interest lies in taking a biopsychosocial approach to understanding female sexual arousal and sexual behavior. 


Emily Randle

Emily is currently a Sophomore at Arizona State University working towards a BS in Psychology with a minor in Music. She is very interested in the clinical aspect of the research with seeing the non-verbal/verbal cues of a relationship and how that affects the health of it. Emily is interested in continuing her education and working towards a PsyD in Clinical Psychology with a focus on Anxiety/Mood Disorders in Adolescents and Teenagers. She is looking to enter this field to provide more resources/help for this group of individuals.