Bawdy talk among adolescents can begin a cascade leading to unhealthy adult relationships

From: ASU Now

Dr. Ha explains that her research shows how peer influences can predict coercive relationships.



ASU scientists study transition to college to improve student well-being

From: ASU Now

Dr. Ha discusses how the strength of relationships, such as with family and friends could impact the transition to college for students pursuing higher education.



Not just a summer fling: Teenage love affects mental health, school performance, ASU research shows

From: ASU Now

Dr. Ha discusses the ASU Hispanic Mother-Daughter Program and the importance of relationships on mental and physical health, as well as academic achievement and engagement.



2017 Kirby Summit Doesn't Disappoint


Dr. Ha attended the Kirby Summit, which aims to bring together experts from diverse fields of adolescent health to discuss ways to support teenage development. Dr. Ha discusses what it was like to attend the Kirby Summit.




The Surprising Factor That Helps Students Better Transition to College

From: Thrive Global

This article, written by Dr. Thao Ha, describes how the relationship between family and friends can impact how students transition to college.



How Your Relationship With Your Friends & Family Can Lead To Coercive Romantic Relationships Later On In Life, According To A New Study

From: Bustle

This article informs readers on how the relationships with family and friends during childhood could impact adult relationships.



Authentic romance in college is a rare breed

From: The State Press

Dr. Ha’s discusses how dating apps has changed the patterns of dating, especially for college students.



New Research: Keys to Understanding Adolescent Romantic Relationships


Dr. Ha explains research on adolescent relationships. She also lists common assumptions that could lead many to misunderstand teen relationships, and offers ways that could help support healthy relationships.  



Project ASSIST equips parents to help freshmen transition to college

From: ASU Now

This article explains how the Assist Study was conducted and some of its findings and further research that will be done with the results.